Designing refracting optical element generating line-shaped direction diagram
L.L. Doskolovich
, M.A. Moiseev

Image Processing Systems Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.

In the article we present the construction of refracting optical element for generating line-shaped direction diagram. Calculation of optical surfaces is converted to nugatory problems with cylindrical symmetry. Presented results of numerical modeling of generated direction diagrams show that energy efficiency of calculated optical elements is about 90 % with angle sizes from 80o to 180o.

Key words:
geometrical optics, optical element, refracting surface, direction diagram, total internal reflection.

Citation: Doskolovich LL, Moiseev MA. Designing refracting optical element generating line-shaped direction diagram. Computer Optics 2008; 32(4): 366-9.


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