Approximate method of optical energy distribution calculation in multiple scattering media
I.A.Bratchenko, V.P. Zakharov

S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.

Approximate approach of transport equation solution for Henyey-Greenstein anisotropic phase function is submitted. Propagating light was presented as a sum of collimated and diffusive components, that allows to lead in fast and slow variables and decay transport equation in two parts. An equation for collimated flux results in analytical solution and describes Bouguer propagation. And integro-differential equation for diffuse part simplifies and transforms into engaging partial equations system. Each rank of the system brings to initial value problem solving by Cauchy method with corresponding ranks derivatives joining boundary conditions. It was shown the fast convergence of proposed approximate solution by its comparison with results of numerical simulations by Monte Carlo method for the same multiple scattering medium.

Key words:
transport radiate transfer equation, Monte Carlo method, approximate solution, multiple scattering medium.

Citation: Bratchenko IvAl, Zakharov VP. Approximate method of optical energy distribution calculation in multiple scattering media. Computer Optics 2008; 32(4): 370-4.


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