Generalized projective morphology
Y.V. Vizilter

State Research Institute of Aviation Systems

Full text of article: Russian language.

The description of proposed generalized projective morphology is given. Algebraic basis of projective morphology is considered. Formal and criteria-based schemes for morphology design are described. Some sufficient conditions of projectiveness for criteria-based morphological operators are proved. Projectors are proposed and explored based on: minimal distance (maximal similarity) criterion, maximal norm of projection, predicate-type criterions, feature vectors, parametric models and dynamic programming procedures. The class of criteria-based morphologies based on structural interpolation operators is proposed.

Key words:
Mathematical Morphology, Image Processing, Image Analysis.

Citation: Vizilter YuV. Generalized Projective Morphology. Computer Optics 2008; 32(4): 384-99.


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