In the memory of Sergei Timofeevich Bobrov
(April 24, 1949 – November 20, 2013)

A pioneer of the Russian Diffractive Optics, Sergei Timofeevich Bobrov, Candidate of Phys. & Math., untimely dies at the age of 64. In the mid-70s of the last century, S. T. Bobrov took a key part in the development and introduction (at SPA Svetlana, Leningrad) of a technique for fabricating diffractive optical elements by photolithography. S. P. Bobrov has proposed an efficient method for designing binary phase surface-relief diffraction gratings with equal-intensity orders, which enabled a pilot production of unique gratings capable of producing 31 equal-intensity diffraction orders to be set up. In one of early issues of our Journal, Sergei Timofeevich published an article that addressed the design of multi-order diffraction gratings with an asymmetric period profile, having shown benefits of such gratings. S. T.  Bobrov discovered unique aberration properties of a Fresnel-Suret zone plate characterized by the annular zone radii proportional to the square root of consecutive integer numbers. Based on such elements, he proposed a variety of diffractive objective designs. S. T. Bobrov developed an original technique for designing DOE-aided optical systems utilizing the aberrations of the third-, fifth-, and seventh-order of smallness, as well as developing a theory of compensated refractive surfaces. This formed a basis for designing hybrid refractive-diffractive objectives intended, in particular, for use in laserdisc players (see Computer Optics, 1990. N 7, 1992. issue 12). Having a thorough knowledge of all the nuances of lithographic techniques of microelectronics, Sergei Timofeevich put them to the effective use for fabricating diffractive microreliefs, e.g. for synthesizing polymer replicas of diffractive optical elements (Computer Optics, 1991, N 9).
Monographs on Diffractive Optics written by S. T. Bobrov with coauthors in Russian and English have become widely known.  
The memory of S. T. Bobrov - a prominent scientists and a wonderful man - will always remain in our hearts.  

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